TRAC: an alternative method to measure CYP induction

Significant drug-drug interactions (DDI) arising from induction of CYP450 mediated clearance mechanisms can negatively impact the clinical and commercial viability of medicines. This impact ranges from labeling requirements for relatively minor interactions, to non-approval or withdrawal from the market for serious cases. These interactions are typically observed both at the enzyme level as well as on the transcription regulation level.

In vitro CYP induction studies are being used as a predictor of drug-drug interactions in vivo.  Moreover, in vitro CYP induction studies have been considered useful to trigger new chemical
entities selection and development. Cultured primary human hepatocytes are considered a reliable
in vitro system for evaluating the induction potential of a drug candidate on drug metabolizing enzymes. Measuring CYP genes’ expression levels is an essential step in assessing drug-drug

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Aptuit | TRAC: An alternative method to measure CYP induction

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