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Formulation prototyping and manufacturing

The expertise essential to effective experimentation

Every successful drug development program is underpinned by successful formulation development. Our team of scientists have the breadth of expertise essential to developing a wide range of dosage forms, from industry standard to novel solutions, through experimental design methodology.

Aptuit | Integrated CMC | Formulation prototyping and manufacturing

Working closely with our analytical method development group ensures the appropriate level and scope of testing is applied to each individual project.

More importantly, they do it all with client expectations front of mind to deliver design formulations tailored to meet your specific needs.

Our comprehensive formulation development services include solid and liquid dosage forms, as well as precision dosing methods, including unrivalled expertise of method development for Xcelodose® 600 and 600S technologies.

Whatever your drug development formulation issues, we can overcome them together:

  •  Development of immediate, modified and sustained release formulations
  •  Improving bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds by dosage form design
  •  Process transfer and scale-up of drug products to full scale manufacturing
  •  Using design of experiments (DoE) to establish critical process parameters and ensure process robustness