Aptuit | Integrated CMC | API route scouting

API route scouting and process development

The selection of the right route is key to ensuring fast development and scale-up across all the project phases and support the API projects requirements. Our API Development and Manufacturing Department has deep experience in working with complex chemistry on multi-step routes to ensure a fast scale-up.

Aptuit | API route scouting

During route scouting activities a number of routes of synthesis are proposed and explored. These routes are designed using available literature information and the vast experience of our team. In order to achieve this objective different aspects are considered:

  • IP
  • Process safety
  • Environmental impact
  • Costs
  • Atom efficiency
  • Reaction Mass Efficiency
  • Quality and delivery
  • Sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry

We also offer a unique opportunity to develop new drugs through sustainable synthetic routes.

We work closely with our customers to perform process research to identify the most cost-effective and sustainable route as early as possible. Once a sustainable route is identified and proven at lab scale, our team can further help you with the rest of your full development activities.