Aptuit | Lead optimization

Lead Optimization

Innovation and experience to optimize your results

Lead Optimization is a crucial step in the drug discovery process since the quality of pre-clinical candidates will strongly impact on the successful completion of the following clinical development.

Aptuit | Lead optimisation

Partnering with us in your Lead Optimization projects will assure a cutting-edge scientific approach.

Aptuit’s scientists, many with a history in big pharma, have extensive and valued experience in delivering high quality pre-clinical candidates with improved effectiveness and reduced risk of failure. Mechanistic PK/PD relationships are developed as soon as possible to guide Lead Optimization and to bridge with clinical development. Safety profile is evaluated early to anticipate potential liabilities.

Our strength comes from an integrated team of medicinal and computational Chemists, in vitro Pharmacologists, Microbiologists, translational Pharmacologists, DMPK and Safety Toxicology scientists, all working under the same roof.

Together we will define the most appropriate screening cascade from target to candidate selection, ensuring that your strategic goals for pre-clinical candidate delivery are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.