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Attrition derisking

A truely integrated approach

Aptuit takes a tailored approach to reduce the risk of attrition through an integrated drug discovery & development paradigm. We aim to identify 'predictable' preclinical safety liabilities earlier in the drug development process – enabling you to avoid any issues early on and to optimise trial design.

Our expertise is key to helping you to accurately assess risk profile, select the best potential for development and characterizing the candidate to better design the development plan.

Aptuit | Attrition derisking

Drug Substance Development

Our team’s exceptional knowledge and broad experience means we can handle a wide variety of projects, flexibly and to deadline:

Route Scouting

  • As part of late development => route improvement
  • Prior to development to ensure best route
  • Preparation of standards, markers, impurities and 13C stable isotope labelled molecules

From existing Med Chem to fast initial tox manufacturing

Development prior to scale up to fixed asset

  • Priority focused on generating understanding to minimise risk and secure next phase of the scale up

Ind Enabling