Aptuit | Genetic toxicology

Genetic toxicology

Genetic toxicology support from Drug Discovery to human administration

We provide fully integrated support for Genetic Toxicology testing and counselling spanning Drug Discovery and target selection, to GLP integrated study packages supporting the human administration. We will work with you from discovery to ensure early characterisation of molecules, in terms of Genotoxicity potential assessment, with a tailored panel of in vitro miniaturized tests ensure high quality results with low amount of test item required.



Aptuit | Genetic toxicology

We can provide a wide panel of fully validated GLP genotoxicity tests supporting the human administration, with the possibility to integrate the in vivo tests in the Toxicology studies.

We are fully integrated in the Genotoxic Risk Assessment by providing in vitro test in the characterization of the genotoxic potential of synthesis intermediates or metabolites, with an expert-based counsel to meet your requirements.

Our test panel includes:

  • Miniaturized Ames test (five bacterial strains)
  • Screening Ames test (two bacterial strains)
  • Non GLP Ames test (five bacterial strains)
  • GLP Ames test (five strains, two tests)
  • Mini-HPLA non GLP (Chromosomal aberration test)
  • HPLA GLP (Chromosomal aberration test)
  • In vitro Micronucleus test
  • In Vivo Micronucleus test
  • In Vitro Comet test
  • In Vivo Comet test