Aptuit | Alternative methods

Alternative methodologies for toxicology

Replace. Reduce. Refine.

We are fully committed to the 3Rs principles. And as such we are investing significant effort in developing in vitro methodologies to investigate potential toxic effects of compounds early on during the development process. Moreover, some of these studies can be applied to study the tolerability of non-pharmaceutical products (e.g. cosmetics), thus providing to the final customer, safer products.

Aptuit | Alternative methodologies for Toxicology

Building on existing and long-standing expertise within in vitro studies, the alternative methodologies team at Aptuit is collaborating with other research centres across Europe to strengthen the reliability and relevance of alternative methods that have a potential to replace, reduce or refine the use of animals for scientific purposes.

We are a member of the European Union Network of Laboratories for the Validation of Alternative Methods (EU-NETVAL).