How QbD theory translates into practice: part 2

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Listen to our expert, Zadeo Cimarosti, as he discusses translating the QbD theory into practice. This is part two of a three part mini-series of webinars.

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Webinar Overview

Part two of this three-part mini-series presents case studies on the application of QbD concepts, in particular:

  • On the use of the Risk Assessment to build a control strategy for impurities
  • On the use of the DOE to optimise process parmeters and build a design space

This webinar is aimed at both new, and more experienced, people who are interested in the practical application.

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Aptuit | Zadeo Cimarosti

Zadeo Cimarosti

Senior Manager, API Development and Manufacturing

Zadeo has long-standing experience in the development and scale up of complex routes of synthesis from the initial development phases to full development up to the definition of the manufacturing process. He is an expert in Quality by Design applied to API, which includes the introduction of QbD principles in chemical development and their practical application.