Aptuit | Respiratory


We have extensive knowledge and experience in the screens and models required to progress compounds through Respiratory Drug Discovery and Development.  Our multi-disciplinary teams can work with you to design and carry out the most appropriate studies to progress your project(s). 

We can offer support in direct delivery of compounds to the lung, lung-specific ADMET assays, early de-risking assays such as irritancy and full PK/PD capability.  Aptuit | Respiratory

In addition to our established in vivo models of asthma, COPD and pulmonary infection, we are also validating models of IPF.

Using leading-edge technology, readouts available will include cell function assays, inflammation (cells and mediators), lung function parameters and histopathology, depending on the particular model and mechanism being investigated. 

Models can be used “off the shelf” or be configured to address your particular need.  We also offer bespoke assay/model development.