Aptuit | Neuroscience


A history of innovation

More and more, we’re using our expertise to build on our extensive knowledge of Neuroscience which was first established about 20 years ago when an Aptuit-acquired company focused the R&D on CNS diseases.

Aptuit | Neuroscience

We now have a track record of:

  • 37 clinical candidate selection
  • 28 First Time in Human initiations
    (13 consecutive CNS projects transitioned from Lead Optimization to Phase I with no termination after FTIH study)
  • More than 100 Clinical Pharm and Exp Medicine Studies
  • 15 candidates initiated Phase II
  • Three Phase III initiations
  • Two filing submitted
  • More than 500 peer reviewed scientific publication with an average of 30 patents/year

Our advanced knowledge and renewed technology are now being applied to research on neuropsychiatric disorders such as anxiety, sleep disorders, depression, schizophrenia, epilepsy, pain and drug-food addiction. In addition, we are also working on innovative solutions for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers, Huntingtons, Parkinsons and front-temporal dementia.

We also offer bespoke assay/model development. 

We are applying our knowledge to perfecting direct delivery, and our in vitro and in vivo models and technologies can be used flexibly for fully-integrated projects, small multi-staged pieces of work or standalone studies.