Aptuit | Late lead optimization

Late Lead Optimization

Realising the true potential of your leads and reduce risk on later phases

Aptuit's approach to Late Lead Optimization is based on tailoring plans to the needs of each individual project to ensure the key attributes of each compound are adequately addressed in order to mitigate risk as early as possible. We can generate an appropriate dataset to allow an asset to be progressed into pre-clinical development with confidence.Aptuit | Late lead optimisationOur integrated approach has expert Medicinal Chemistry, Scale-up Chemistry, API, DMPK, Formulation Development, Materials Science, Safety Toxicology and Analytical Development scientists co-located at the same site.

Dedicated Project Managers foster effective team-working and flexibility to adapt immediately to the changing needs of your project plan as leads progress towards pre-clinical candidate selection.

With decades of experience in advancing compounds through Late Lead Optimization to candidate selection we are ideally suited to contribute not only to timely data generation but also to data interpretation and problem solving.

Predictable pre-clinical safety liabilities are identified earlier in the Drug Discovery & Development process – enabling you to avoid any issues early on and to optimise trial design.