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Integrated Discovery

Discovering and developing new and novel ways of treating and preventing life threatening illnesses are essential parts of modern medicine. It is well understood that late stage attrition in the clinic is high for novel compounds, leading to inefficiencies in the successful development of new medicines. Generally, only one third of clinical candidates make it as fully approved medicines.

Aptuit | Drug design and discovery | Integrated discovery

Our teams of industry-renowned scientists, state-of-the-art equipment and scientific tools are designed to increase characterization and optimization of drug substance or product. We employ a true multi-disciplinary approach with integrated project management support to ensure projects are progressed efficiently, on-time and in a cost-effective manner.

We offer integrated Drug Discovery and Development solutions beginning from target validation going all the way through to clinical “proof of concept” studies and beyond. This provides customers the opportunity to work with a single provider for their Drug Discovery and Development needs with seamless transition from one stage to the next and associated benefits of timeline compression.

Our unique and wholly integrated approach to Drug Discovery and Drug Development has allowed us to produce high quality candidates and reduce clinical attrition. This expertise and experience is available to all customers, representing a major advance in partner research services that will enhance the success rate of compounds becoming new approved drugs.