Aptuit | NMR spectroscopy

NMR spectroscopy

A seamless, one stop service

Our broad service range is aligned in a way that creates an easily accessible, seamless interface for you. So whether you need simple sample analysis or full Drug Development, the service is readily available. And that includes elucidation of structure, reference standard characterization, identification of unknowns, development and validation of spectroscopic identity and control methods.

Aptuit | NMR spectroscopy

We also provide a wide range of spectroscopic determinations by means of Infrared (IR) and Nuclear magnetic Resonance (NMR).

We use NMR instruments up to 600MHz associated to a variety of NMR probes (including e.g. high sensitivity cryo-probes, variable temperature experiments, calculation of rotational barriers, Self-association and host-guest interaction in solution) for applications which cover from simple Proton NMR acquisition up to full packages of 1D and 2D experiments and spectra interpretation.