Aptuit | High throughput screening

High Throughput Screening

Reliability beyond what you can see

At our Verona and Basel facilities, dedicated scientists are implementing new screening technologies (including HTS) that complement and enhance our already robust suite of capabilities. Our compound collection has delivered promising hit series for numerous customers, and is being expanded and improved to further enhance hit series identification across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Plus we offer an alternative range of virtual screening approaches that can be used in tandem with High Throughput Screening in early drug discovery.

High throughput screening in early drug discovery

Our capabilities include rapid evaluation of Hits based on a series of experimental data:

  • Structure ID and purity determination
  • Ligand/target interaction determination, in vitro activity and MoA
  • In vitro selectivity and specificity
  • Analysis of chemical tractability
  • Hit expansion by prospective chemistry
  • In vitro blood and tissue binding
  • Preliminary in vitro DMPK profiling