Aptuit | Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics

Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics

Optimizing innovation

Our success as a key player in the Drug Discovery process is based on our deep experience and ability to interact proactively with our customers and colleagues. Our know-how comes from a big pharma background and makes us a highly knowledgeable partner in the development and refinement of new molecules, with the optimal ADME characteristics for different therapeutic areas and target classes.

The close collaboration with our customers and colleagues helps us deliver results in less time with a higher success ratio in developing highly efficacious and safe new drugs.

Aptuit | Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics

We work with our customers from standalone experiments to playing a key role in the decision-making in fully integrated projects. 

Our in vitro and in vivo experience and capabilities cover the majority of activities from the screening to the candidate selection phase.

  • In Vitro ADMET
  • In Vitro DDI
  • In Vitro Metabolism
  • In-vitro Drug Absorption & Distribution
  • Bioactivation Potential
  • Phys-chem evaluation
  • CNS-PLS plot analysis
  • DRUG efficiency concept
  • Mechanistic PK/PD
  • In vivo PK Studies