Aptuit | Discovery toxicology

Discovery toxicology

Safety made easy

Our wide range of safety studies are designed to help you design development programs and compile expert reports, reviews and data submissions:

  • Acute studies
  • Pre-phase I (14 or 28 days studies)
  • Long term safety studies (up to 12 months)

Aptuit | Discovery toxicologyAptuit takes a tailored approach to reduce the risk of attrition through an integrated Drug Discovery and Development paradigm. We aim to identify 'predictable' pre-clinical safety liabilities earlier in the Drug Development process – enabling you to avoid any issues early on and to optimise trial design.

Whatever your needs, our team can tailor our approach to suit:

  • Standard, customized and investigative problem-solving studies
  • Specialized online data capture systems and statistical packages used throughout our in-life and reporting process
  • Internal quality control monitoring of data and study reports to deliver materials quickly, reliably and accurately
  • Automated Blood Sampling technology that allows blood sampling and injection of test compounds in freely moving rodents