Cytology and Histology of the Central Nervous System: Part One

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Aptuit | Cytology and Histology of the CNS: Part one

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Listen to our Head of Pathology as she discusses the cellular populations of the CNS, their functions and interrelationships in part one of this two part webinar mini-series!

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Webinar Overview

The challenges of histological evaluation of the CNS arise from the complex microscopic anatomy of this system and the high pleomorphism of neurons and glial cells.

Moreover, its complexity is further enhanced by the fact that each neuroanatomic region has a specific neurologic function, physiology, energy requirement and different susceptibility to injuries.

This webinar briefly describes the cellular populations of the CNS, their functions and interrelationships and is aimed at an audience of training pathologists both in the veterinary or toxicology fields.

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Aptuit | Rossella Defazio

Rossella DeFazio

Head of Pathology, Pharmaceutical and Preclinical Development

Rossella heads the pathology team in Verona and is also responsible for performing microscopic evaluations and interpretations of tissue sections from rodent and non-rodent species in safety studies (GLP and non-GLP studies up to nine months). She authors comprehensive pathology narrative reports of microscopic, gross and clinical pathology findings and provides interpretation of findings in correlation with clinical chemistry, haematology, organ weight, urine analyses and clinical signs. She performs and supervises necropsies on both rodent and non-rodent species and is part of multidisciplinary teams to develop/improve technologies (e.g. validation of orthotopic and heterotopic xenografts in nude mice in the oncology area).