Bio-availability enhancement in drug product development

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Aptuit | Bioavailability enhancement in drug product development

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Listen to our Formulation Development Scientist, Michael Rutherford, as he discusses bio-availability enhancement in Drug Product Development.

Download and listen to this insightful webinar today!

Webinar Overview

This webinar discusses approaches for the bio-availability enhancement of oral dosage from drug products.These include:

  • Solid dispersions
  • Nano-suspensions
  • Lipidic formulations and targeted delivery

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Aptuit | Michael Rutherford

Michael Rutherford

Scientist, Formulation Development

Michael is responsible for Pre-formulation, Formulation Development, Scale-Up & Process Development at Aptuit Verona.
Michael’s core areas of technical expertise include the development of liquid-fill hard capsule formulations, enhancing the bioavailability of problematic APIs and clinical manufacturing.