Corporate Social Responsibility

Our committment to the future

As a global organisation and industry leader, we aim to use our influence for good. Our core business is focused on helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies to accelerate drug development for the benefit of health and life around the world.

Aptuit's Corporate Social Responsibility

But our aims are even greater

We endeavour to operate ethically in business. We have high expectations of our people and our partners. And we aim to have a positive impact on the world around us.

So we look after our people, support our partners and get involved with the communities in which we live and work.  

We do this by living our company vision and mission and upholding all of our company values.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment includes:

  • Equal opportunities
  • Ethical and Responsible standards

    - Aptuit (Verona) S.r.l. Code of Ethics - [adoption of 231 Organizational Model and Code of Ethics]

    Code of conduct - English version
    Code of conduct - Italian version

  • Animal welfare
  • Anti-bribery and corruption
  • Data protection