Preclinical Biosciences
Our unique 'First in Man-enabling' drug development program is based on ICH Guidelines, and includes the mandatory core battery of toxicology and safety pharmacology evaluations, providing the perfect solution for some of of our smaller innovators in reaching early candidate selection decisions

Preclinical Biosciences

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Safety Assessment

Types of Study

We offer you a wide range of safety studies aimed at helping you design development programs, compile expert reports, reviews, and data submissions.

Our range of safety studies include:

  • Acute studies
  • Pre-phase I (14 or 28 days studies)
  • Long term safety studies (up to 12 months)

Our Team provides you with a tailored approach designed to address your needs:

  • We can help you meet the requirements of your study with standard and customized and investigative problem solving studies.
  • Our specialized online data capture systems and statistical packages are used throughout our in life and reporting process.
  • We conduct internal quality control monitoring of data and study reports to ensure that all materials are delivered quickly, reliably, and accurately.
  • Automated Blood Sampling technology that allows blood sampling and injection of test compounds in freely moving rodents. This system ameliorates the quality of experimental data obtained by lowering variability due to serial blood sampling, and contributes to application of 3 Rs principles by minimizing the stress deriving from conventional sampling (Refinement) and decreasing the number of animals used in each study (Reduction).

Our experts are at your disposal - if you have a question related to your drug development programme our experts may be able to help.

We have dedicated experts across all of our service lines. Simply fill out the form below.

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