Physical & Analytical Chemistry
In a recent stability test, our scientist recognized an unusual characteristic emerging in one of our client's compounds that resulted in it being selected for use in tropical locations due to its robust rejection of moisture. This characteristic was only discovered because of the diligence and experience of our analytical team.


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Physical & Analytical Chemistry

It is critical during drug discovery and drug development that you have a comprehensive understanding of the physical and chemical properties of your drug substances and drug products. Our Physical and Analytical Chemistry department uses advanced analytical testing systems to evaluate your drug substance’s physical and chemical properties so that you can reduce attrition, define and achieve the most appropriate drug product formulations to optimize your route to market.

The services that we provide within the Physical and Analytical Chemistry departments center on small and large molecule analysis - including, Discovery Support, API characterization, analytical method development and validation, release testing, and drug product and drug substance stability testing. Our analytical systems are linked to validated data-handling networks, ensuring that results are compiled and delivered as quickly, reliably, and accurately as possible and in compliance with the appropriate standards

The services provided by the Physical and Analytical Chemistry departments include: 

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